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By : Web Directory

Shopping site like, and are now here from more than a decade now. In the early days of internet its use was very limited and only a small percentage of population had access to it. Mostly researchers and scientists were using internet in its early days and internet access was only available in big institutions and universities.

Than internet gained popularity and spread like leaps and bounds and today it is the biggest miracle of modern era. Almost every body use internet now a days unless they are living in a cave or behind a rock. So during this transformation of the web its usage keeps on penetrating and keeps on increasing to the extent that people are depending on it. This dependency and its increase usage have reached to such an extent that our even our telephone lines are using VOIP which stands for Voice over IP . This means that our voice is now being transferred over the internet.

Our mobile phones are coming with data packages and we can use internet on them. Our security systems, satellites, TVs and every other technology item we use uses internet in some way or the other. Some of them use internet for transfering data only and some of them uses for other purposes.

This proves the importance of websites as almost all people use internet so theoretically all businesses must have a website if they want to survive in modern era. Major vendors have complicated and highly functional website while smaller businesses have smaller sites. However there are some businesses which are only internet based and are very successful like . Amazon now have their specific sites for Germany , UK, Canada and China.

As far as people are concerned they can make their own websites . Student can make their own websites to introduce them. Teacher can make their websites to give online lectures or post online assignments to keep in touch with students and to make announcements. In any case if you have a website you would like to look website stats of your website or you would like to track blogs. Ready made blogs are available and most popular are Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr and many others. One can make a free account there and start diaries or weblogs. If you would like to track blogs or pur visitor trackers for your websites we recommend you two sites.


So counter from both of these websites can be put to track any type of blog wheter it is wordpress, Blogspot or Tumblr or any other. The visitor tracking for websites is quite easy and they will give you a small piece of code which you have to put on your website to start the countring of your site visitors instantly. This will help you know how many people are coming to the site and you will be immediately start tracking of your Blog and Visitor Tracker.

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