PHP ASP JPS Web Counter

Written By : Turkey Directory , USA Directory

Counting people or web visitors that are coming onto your website was never so easier as this is now . In the past there were some services which were charging upto 20 dollars for counting your website visitors. Now there are many webites which gives these facilities for free . Yes this is a true statement . Free visitor tracking for unlimited time.

The advantage of putting a website counter on your website that you can start traffic counting on your website which will enable you to track visitors to your site. Wheter its a commercial site, business site or your personal site you are in a better postion and will keep a knowledge of number od people that are coming on your website. We again recommend these two websites


It does not matter if you have a site written in PHP, ASP Active Server Pages, Javaserver Pages . Also these webcounters can be used on the websites not just written in these scripting languages but also other scripting languages. So this counter is also PHP counter, ASP Counter and JSP counter. The method of using these people tracking counter on your website is the same as ordinary websites .

You just have to get your code by selecting the style of the webcounter . You can select this counter style by keeping in mind the look and feel of your website where you will be putting this counter. After you get this code it as easy as 1,2, 3 and you just select the code and copy it. Now you have to open the page where you want to put this counter. It does not matter whether its a PHP siteĀ  , ASP site or JPS site or any other scripting language site you just have to paste the code manner as you do it in a normal HTML site. Once this pasting step is done you save your page and then run you page in a web browser. You will see that the counter will immediately start working . It will be same style and color as you choosed.