Speeding you internet

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Fast Internet, Fast Web Browsing

If you are here searching for the ways to Fast web browsing you are at the right place. Here are few ways to speed up the internet.

1. Clean up your cache. Some times the browser saves a lot of files and as the time goes on the pages stores into the cache goes larger and larger. This ends up consuming a lot of space. So if you keep your cache clean it will keep your computer faster.

2. Try using a very good router with a good range and good throughput if you are connecting using a router specially a wireless router. Some old routers operates on old wireless G on B standard which can result in low output speed.

3. Dont use more than one anti-virus simultaneously because the anti virus checks data that your computer receives . If you have more than one software installed both of them will scan the data one by one and this will increase the time data get to you.

4. Use a fast computer with good heavy processor

Use these steps for speeding up your internet to make sure you get a good browsing experience.

PHP ASP JPS Web Counter

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Counting people or web visitors that are coming onto your website was never so easier as this is now . In the past there were some services which were charging upto 20 dollars for counting your website visitors. Now there are many webites which gives these facilities for free . Yes this is a true statement . Free visitor tracking for unlimited time.

The advantage of putting a website counter on your website that you can start traffic counting on your website which will enable you to track visitors to your site. Wheter its a commercial site, business site or your personal site you are in a better postion and will keep a knowledge of number od people that are coming on your website. We again recommend these two websites

a. http://www.hitwebcounter.com
b. http://www.ewebsitecounter.com

It does not matter if you have a site written in PHP, ASP Active Server Pages, Javaserver Pages . Also these webcounters can be used on the websites not just written in these scripting languages but also other scripting languages. So this counter is also PHP counter, ASP Counter and JSP counter. The method of using these people tracking counter on your website is the same as ordinary websites .

You just have to get your code by selecting the style of the webcounter . You can select this counter style by keeping in mind the look and feel of your website where you will be putting this counter. After you get this code it as easy as 1,2, 3 and you just select the code and copy it. Now you have to open the page where you want to put this counter. It does not matter whether its a PHP siteĀ  , ASP site or JPS site or any other scripting language site you just have to paste the code manner as you do it in a normal HTML site. Once this pasting step is done you save your page and then run you page in a web browser. You will see that the counter will immediately start working . It will be same style and color as you choosed.

Internet Positives

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Although there are very few negative side of this web revolution but the positive effects are many. A person living in a small village is now aware of whats happening in this fast changing world. Any person can read news channels websites and can take part in online discussions via blogs. A person can subscribe to newsletters and feeds of their choice to keep aware of current happenings. Business people can set alerts and can see websites showing them commodity rates and they can do transactions online now. That is why the world have became so fast and they pace have improved many folds in previous years. New inventions are coming at the faster pace than they have ever came. So over all internet is a revolution.

Fancy Web Counter

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Web Counter is a piece of code which you put on your website and it start tracking visitor to your website . Its good idea to put web counter to your website. The reason is that it will keep on increasing as the people will come on your site. It just works like odometer and will keep on increasing whenever a new person visits your site. This will help you identify that how many people are visiting your website.

Both of the websites mentioned below have a vast variety of web counters with different styles to choose from.



As mentioned there are many different counters of various colors, sizes and varieties you and you are free to choose the counter which best suits your site and which looks very good at your particular site. There are also many fancy web counter designs available to choose

How to Create website

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How to Create a Website

Here are 5 basic steps you need to take if you are interested in having a website.

1. Register a domain with a reputable company. This is very important step and it is advisable that it is done with a local company which is in business for at least few years. So to Create Website you need to start from this step.

2. Create website on your own or either choose from many templates available on the web. The advantage of creating website with the already built in template is that it will save your time and efforts and right from start you would no how would your Company site look when it will be completed. There are many web template sites where you can choose templates . Some of them also will give you an option for Free templates and on other they will be paid. If your site is a personal site than you can look into the free template option. However if its a website for Business or commercial purposes than you must choose template that looks highly professional and for this you can choose paid templates.

3. When we discuss the subject How to create a website immediately it comes into our mind that once we create a good website then how are we going to put it in order for it to be visible to public. For this you need to choose a reliable hosting company. There are thousands of hosting company now a days but you need to do a thorough research for this part. Reason for that is suppose you maintain a site on a hosting company which is not organized or have a poor setup you can end up losing your data if there hard disk fails or some other incident happens. Good Hosting companies always take regular backups of data of their clients so that it can be retrieved later in case. Also you should consider the historical downtime of the companies. Other things to look about hosting companies is their customer service support. Security of there servers and speed of their network and their back bone.

4. If this is a business website than most of the time you will need advanced functionality for your website. This will include managing inventory and online selling. For this you need to determine that what hosting platform you are going to host your site. For example ASP or PHP etc hosting platform. For this you need to ask you developers that what scripting language they are using. If they are programming in PHP then you need to purchase Linux hosting.

5. After hosting there comes the step of marketing your website. The best method to start this is to submit your site to well known directories. Some of them are below

Best Web Directory

Canada Web Directory

Medical Health Directory

Travel and Vacations Directory

6. Uploading and maintainability is the final step . After you upload the website you should make sure that you keep your FTP password at safe place. Also make sure that your password should be complex enough for some body to guess it . It should be a mix of small letter and upper case and numeric number . These are the things which make it pretty hard for hacker to guess it.

Once you upload the site you are done.

Counters For Blogs

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Counters For Blogs

For the people of businesses who have blog this is always a good practice to put a good nice and fancy looking web counter for Blogs on their website. For this we recommend
1. http://www.hitwebcounter.com
2. http://www.ewebsitecounter.com

You can always post new events of your company or any new thing and keep on updating your blog so that your visitors can always feel something new on your site and this is the only way they will keep on returning. This is same as a superstore keep on adjusting their shelves and prices to motivate buyers to look all over store for good bargains. So we advise to put the counters, we mean fancy and good looking counters on your blog by simply cut and pasting the code these sites provide you. You don’t have to do any thing nor even give your email address and no hassle or difficulty of sign ups. After you put these codes these sites will give you your Blog Counter will be ready to use and after pasting this code into you footer or any other good place on your blog it will start counting the people coming on to your website and you will immediately start having an idea about the traffic that’s coming to your site. Also these counter are available in different in different sizes and styles to keep things interesting and to match different looking websites. So you can choose the Web Counter of your choice. The counter sites we have mentioned provide free services and claim to keep their services free