Speeding you internet

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If you are here searching for the ways to Fast web browsing you are at the right place. Here are few ways to speed up the internet.

1. Clean up your cache. Some times the browser saves a lot of files and as the time goes on the pages stores into the cache goes larger and larger. This ends up consuming a lot of space. So if you keep your cache clean it will keep your computer faster.

2. Try using a very good router with a good range and good throughput if you are connecting using a router specially a wireless router. Some old routers operates on old wireless G on B standard which can result in low output speed.

3. Dont use more than one anti-virus simultaneously because the anti virus checks data that your computer receives . If you have more than one software installed both of them will scan the data one by one and this will increase the time data get to you.

4. Use a fast computer with good heavy processor

Use these steps for speeding up your internet to make sure you get a good browsing experience.